1. Protect Life and Health and Avoid Violence Whenever Possible.
  2. Respect the Property and Space of All, Avoid Taking What is Not Been Offered.
  3. Develop Significant Relationships, Avoid Abusing Others for Selfish Gain.
  4. Thoughtfully Express the Truth, Avoid The Confusion of Dishonest Words.
  5. Cultivate a Positive Attitude, A Healthy Body and Clear Mind. Avoid Whatever Would Reduce Your Well-Being.
  6. Communicate Health, Happiness and a Piece of Mind to Everyone You Meet. Avoid Violent, Disturbing and Unduly Cruel Speech.
  7. Promote Harmony and Positive Momentum to Bring Out The Best In Everyone. Avoid Causing Alienation, Doubt and Division among Others.
  8. Be as Enthusiastic About Others’ Fulfillment As You Are About Your Own. Avoid Treating Others’ Successes as The Causes Of Your Lacks.
  9. Promote the Enjoyment of Life, and Encourage Others With Your Smile. Avoid Setting Yourself Up Against The World.
  10. Encourage All to Speak Purposefully From the Heart. Avoid the Dull Contentment of Small Talk.
  11. Promote The Search For Personal Realization of Truth. Avoid The Seductive Comfort of Narrow-Mindedness.
  12. Concentrate on accomplishing what must be done in a Timely and Effective Way. Avoid Putting Off Doing That Which Will Benefit You and Your World Today.
  13. Strive to be So Strong That Nothing Can Disturb Your Peace of Mind. Avoid The Negative Effects of Worry, Doubt and Regret.
  14. Work to Build Love, Happiness, and Loyalty Among All the Members of Your Family. Avoid Putting Temporary Personal Benefit Ahead of the Welfare of Those You Love.
  15. Create a Positive Atmosphere of Harmony and Respect. Speak with Good Purpose About Everyone, Including Yourself. Support Your Friends by Sharing Your Knowledge, Not Your Ego.
  16. Do Something Nice For Someone Else.
  17. Find a Way to Polish Your Heart Every day.
  18. Make a Heart Connection.
  19. Know that anything is possible.
  20. Discouragement is Just a Message of Not Knowing How Yet and Demanding of Yourself That You Do.
  21. Dwelling on Negative Thoughts Will Move You Toward Your Fears As if They Were Your Goals Instead of Your Truly Desired Dream.
  22. Be Careful of What You’re Thinking, Your Mind Might Be Listening.
  23. Be Kind and Helpful in Everything You Do. Always go Out of Your Way to Make Other People Happy.
  24. I Will Use My Martial Arts to Protect Myself, My Loved Ones, My Friends and Any Other Person In Need.
  25. I Will Always Be Willing To Lend a Helping Hand to Help People Who Have Nothing, whether it is From a Natural Disaster, Misfortune or Poverty.
  26. Live Life to its Fullest, Set Goals and Achieve Them, Always Get What You Want Through Education, Determination and Hard Work.
  27. Resist Negativity and pessimism. Always Be Optimist and Positive. Always Look For The Good In People, Not the Bad.
  28. Never Be Afraid to Express Your Feelings, Try Something New, or Obtain a Goal. Always Say I Can and Remove I Can’t From Your Vocabulary.
  29. Always Make Your Word a Word of Gold. Don’t Voice Your Word Unless You Plan To Follow It Up 100%. If You Can’t Back Your Word, Don’t Say or Tell It At All.
  30. Strive To Achieve All That Your Dreams Can Hold. Know That Anything is possible and nothing is impossible.
  31. Always Be Willing to Volunteer Your Time, Energy and Financial Assistance for Charity.