At Southern School of Martial Arts you have a high ranking Grandmaster 10th degree black belt and the head of the martial arts system teaching 98% of all the classes. You pay for a highly skilled and experienced teacher unlike many other schools in the area where they have low ranking black belts with a only a few years of experience teaching all their classes. At our school you get the best of the best. When comparing schools please just don’t compare prices; compare experience, knowledge, background and years in business, (This is our 24th year in business). Just because it’s cheaper somewhere else doesn’t mean you’re getting a good deal, you usually get what you pay for. It’s like buying cheap fast food compared to a paying a little more for a good meal at a steak house. There’s a lot more to martial arts than learning how to punch and kick, anyone can teach that. If you want to learn more than just how to punch and kick we can teach you so much more. The Grandmaster has high ranking black belts in Ju-Jitsu, Ninjutsu, Aikido and Judo. Our students learn from all these arts. They also learn from several other arts that Grandmaster has extensive experience in. Russian Martial Arts, Krav Maga, Karate, JKD, Eskrima and Kali. There’s also many various weapons techniques taught within our system. Our system is a specialized self defense system and not really meant for sport or competition. However it can be modified for those wanting to use it for sport. 

The regular basic/beginner program tuition is $79.95 per month for Little Ninja ages 3 to 5 (30 minute classes), $99.95 per month for Children’s Kobushi-Do, ages 6 to 12 (1 hour classes) and $119.95 per month for Teen and Adult Manabi-Masho Ju-Jitsu and Bujinkan Ninjutsu, (1.5 hour classes, and some 2 hour classes on occasion). All trial students get 1 week free in any class we teach. 

Active Military, Police, EMS and Fire discounts available as well.

The prices above are for the basic programs. There’s no contracts required for these programs. This is a basic month to month training program. We do have family discounts for families of two or more for the basic programs and the advanced programs.

We also have a Leadership, Black Belt Club and Instructors Program that offers higher level training, more advanced techniques, leadership, instructor training and unlimited training, includes all leadership classes and workshops. These programs cost a little more but are worth it in the long run. These programs are upgrades to the starter/basic program and do require a commitment.

These programs include a free uniform, free Federation membership, free training manual, free workshops and select seminars, free training DVD’s and free unlimited belt testing up to black belt itself and then discounted testing above black belt.

During the first month of training the student will be evaluated by Grandmaster Murdock for eligibility to enroll in the more advanced programs. No student will be guaranteed eligible after the first month, only the student that has the drive and desire to train, along with good skill and good behavior will be eligible after the first month.

Once eligible the student may enroll in these higher level programs. These programs are for the serious martial artist only. Students of these programs will strive to achieve a black belt and go beyond and achieve degrees of black and then become instructors of the art. We have a Master program starting soon. We also have a Soke-Dai (Inheritor of Martial Art Style) program that will start once we have students that are eligible for the program.

Leadership Program: Eligible student may start at White Belt.

Black Belt Club: Eligible student may start at Green Belt.

Instructors Program: Eligible student may start at Brown Belt.

Masters Program: Eligible student may start at 1st Degree Black Belt

Soke-Dai Program: Eligible student may start at 4th Degree Black Belt

Currently all programs are taught by 40 year + veteran 10th Degree Black Belt.