Private classes with Soke Mark Murdock

Private classes are now available for those students wanting personalized training with Soke Murdock or private classes for a small group of students. Soke has a limited amount of open slots for personalized private classes. These will be first come first serve. Schedule your classes now before all the slots fill up. Enjoy private sessions with the head of the system and learn from a 40+ year veteran martial artist. Students that train one on one with Soke will learn at a faster pace and get a higher level of training and more advanced techniques. This may lead to faster belt ranking because of the personalized training. Please call for hourly rates and availabilities. Personalized training is more expensive than month-to-month training because of the specialized training you get with a one-on-one class. Students must make an appointment in advance for private classes. 50% of the private tuition fees due at least 72 hours before the private session. We will charge private session students that are no shows the whole tuition amount for the time they had scheduled.