Children's Kobushi-Do and Kid Ninja Summer Camp Is a Success and the Second Week is in Full Swing Now.

June 19, 2023 through June 23, 2023

8:30am to 4:00pm, Monday through Friday.

We have new pictures at the bottom of the page of this years Summer Camp.

Cost $209.95 per week with lunch provided or $189.95 per week parent supplies the lunch, Half a day rate $99.95 per week.

Current student rate $189.95 per week, Half a day rate $89.95 per week.

Family discounts available for more than one family member.

Become a student and member of the dojo and save $30.00 per month off each week of the Summer Camp.

Our Summer camp teaches life saving self defesne and life lessons along with many fun activities to keep your child engaged.

Scroll to the bottom for the Summer camp enrollment form and the new Summer camp activity calender.

We are now enrolling for our Kobushi-Do and Ninja Summer Camp. This will be two weeks of learning and fun. We will have outdoor classes, self defense and martial arts training and much more. We may add a third week if we have enough parents to request it.
There will be downtime with breaks and lunch time, we supply lunch and a drink. You supply snacks and bottled water and other drinks. We have added an option for half a day of Summer camp with reduced weekly rates. You supply lunch if needed and snacks and drinks.

We will have a brown belt assistant instructor helping out during the camp. She is an experienced Johnston County teacher that is trained for teaching Kindergarten through ages 17

We have a copy of our new Summer camp activity calendar at the bottom of the page.

These are some of the activities we have planned so far:
Training with the Grandmaster and Head of System
Origami chop stick rice crispy sushi,
Nerf wars day,
Arrow and shuriken target practice,
Indoor obstacle course,
Outdoor obstacle course,
Splash painting,
Water day, pool party or Water balloon battles,
Japanese writing,
Marshmallow eating contest with chopsticks,
Training with a Shidoshi (Master) in Ninjutsu, The real Ninja Arts
Shuriken and Bo Shuriken target board,
Bow and arrow target board,
Bujikan Kamae Ninja postures (Martial Arts Stances and Kata),
Bujinkan Ninja weapons training, with padded weapons and with wooden weapons,
Padded swords.
Daily yoga and exercise,
Cartoon or movie day with free popcorn one day each week.
Education: Daily math centers rotate groups of activities based on age range,
Daily reading centers and
Daily stem.
There will be many more activities added so there won't be a boring moment. We are designing this Summer Camp to be the best of the best. This will become an annual event.

There will be training at other locations close by when training outdoors. Those locations are only 2 to 3 miles from the dojo. Come and join us for fun and martial arts. If we have a large turn out we may add a third week!

We would like to have 10 students enrolled for the Summer Camp before the Summer Camp starts. There will be family discounts for families with more than one child. To enroll please send the enrollment form by email. [email protected] or bring it by the dojo during normal class times. All enrollment fees due by June 5, 2023. Enrollment can be paid at the dojo or by mail.

Students who attend regular classes at the dojo get a discounted rate of $189.95 per week for the Summer Camp.

There will be discounted class rates available for all Summer Camp Participants that want to enroll into the regular martial arts class programs after the Summer Camp ends. Please contact Sensei Murdock for the special rates.

Outdoor Ninja Training
Outdoor Ninja Training

We will be exploring the sword, shuriken and many other types of weapons and how they were used. There will be a history lesson and how it was used taught  for weapon students use. This be informative, very fun and interesting.

Ninja Sword Training
Ninja Sword Training

Students will learn how to use the sword just like they did back in the day. This will be a safe training enviroment with padded weapons and wooden weapons out doors.

Obstagle Courses, Indoor, and outdoor weather permitting
Obstagle Courses, Indoor, and outdoor weather permitting

We will be setting up outdoor obstagle courses if the weather permits.

Self Defense Training
Self Defense Training

Students will learn basic self defense and some reality martial arts.

Ninja Weapons Combat Training, Padded Weapons
Ninja Weapons Combat Training, Padded Weapons

We will have sparring with padded weapons which is a lot of fun for children.

Hanbo 3ft. Staff Training
Hanbo 3ft. Staff Training

Students will learn a real Ninja weapon called the Hanbo. This is also a lot of fun.

More obstagle courses
More obstagle courses

We plan to have many other fun activities throughout the camp. We will be advertising those soon.

Our Summer Camp is based on the real martial art of Ninjutsu which is the real historical martial art of the Ninja.
Our Summer Camp is based on the real martial art of Ninjutsu which is the real historical martial art of the Ninja.

The martial arts in our summer camp are based on the Samurai and the Ninja. There is also modern self defense that will be taught.

Pictures from our first week of our first Kobushi and Kid Ninja Summer Camp

The first week went great. We had an overall rating of 9.5 on activites, food and martial arts training. We had water games, movies, classic TV shows (Knight Rider), A visit from the real KITT and rides in the real KITT. Overall the event was a success.